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Joyce Wright-McAdoo entertains young readers with her upcoming lighthearted picture book, Zimba. This wonderful story chronicles around Zimba, a turtle, but not just any turtle - he is the most colorful turtle anyone has ever seen. Many turtles might wish to look different, but not Zimba.  He’s shy, lonely, and the smallest turtle in Tortoise Ville. Many would laugh at him as he is different. The day his family went on a hunting trip, a vision of his grandpa appeared before him and warned him of a catastrophe about to happen to his family. Can the youngest turtle save the Snappee family?

The story of Zimba will captivate audiences with his challenges of growing up, learning to be happy, and believing in oneself. Both children and adults will experience comfort, joy, and satisfaction as they go through this fascinating book. The free-flowing text by Joyce Wright-McAdoo and dazzling illustrations by Michael Roche perfectly capture Zimba’s life experience and victory.

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ISBN13:  978-1-4415-4694-4
ISBN13: 978-1-4415-4695-1
ISBN13: 978-1-4771-6822-6